A screen shot of 91

91 is a role-playing game in a modern-day setting. It uses today's design sensibilities in a retro roguelike-like format.

You can play the Beta release by clicking "Play" above. I'd love to hear your feedback! An account on this site lets you save your progress.

Beta Dot Two

I just pushed up a major new release of 91. Here is some of the stuff that is new:

* Many more enemies drop items now. Over 40 new items added total.
* Item drop probabilities adjusted across the board
* New AI parameter for a certain boss
* Some stores now sell unique items that can only be bought once
* A new "Disguised" effect and corresponding item
* Automatic weapons now use more ammo, but fire more than once per turn
* Adjusted experience and level gain. Max level is now 30, which will probably remain the max.
* Stats have max values when you level up.
* Lots of cool code for blowing stuff up
* Removed a couple obsolete skills, added 4 new skills
* Improved performance
* Some dungeons contain better loot
* A couple random "side quests" in areas that were rather empty
* The most 90s sidequest ever
* A new shop with quirky gear
* Some new magazines
* More NPCs in Westbridge
* Many small tweaks and bugfixes

And here is some of what is left to do:

* Rename some NPCs for Kickstarter rewards
* Create and place all magazines in the game
* Change around usage of first aid kits, foods, and hotels
* Revamp attack of opportunity code
* Improve AI for enemies that cannot reach the player and are under attack
* Idea: show info for selected enemy (tbd)
* Enemies should have to reload
* Properly save weapon ammo
* Don't spawn enemies near player
* Random bugfixes

I'm really happy with the new stuff. The game feels like it's pretty much done!

Beta Release

Hooray! After 3 years of development, the Beta release of 91 is now live! To celebrate, I ceremoniously changed the link above to say "Play Beta".

This means that now you can play all the way through the game, from start to finish. The ending is very dramatic :D

But development isn't over yet. As you play through the game, you may notice that the content gets more and more sparse as you go on. There is still plenty of content to fill in, dialog to write, numbers to tweak, skills to create, and more. These types of refinement will be my development tasks for 2013.

So check it out, and always get in touch if you have any ideas or find any bugs!

Finished the University

Just finished filling in content for an area that I wrote the map for a few months ago. It's a University, complete with book store, and a football stadium in which one of the most dangerous combat scenarios in the game happens.

Next I plan on making what will probably be the most "secret" dungeon. I haven't laid out the map yet, but I hope to make it the most crafty maze in the game.

March 2012 Update

Here is some of what I've worked on over the last 3 months:

* Added the city map
* Added fleeing AI (I may add this to more existing enemies)
* Fixed a bug with how enemy ammo is decremented
* Fixed a couple random AI bugs
* Added a separate inventory for key items, need to convert old quests to use this
* Code to transform NPCs into enemies based on events
* Can now level to 20
* Removed old debugging console, relying just on browser dev tools now
* Special death messages for bosses
* Code for items that remove effects
* New Colchester dungeon
* New underground dungeon
* New area south of the city
* Filled in Westbridge area
* Tweaks to a lot of enemies to work better with how armor is now calculated

Current goal:

There are 3 more dungeons to do, as well as the endgame. I want to finish all the main content, start-to-finish, even if I'm leaving it some of it kind of sparse. When the whole story is done I want to push an update to the demo, call it an Alpha release, then get to work fleshing out the content.